Endless, Impossible

The Green Room is a webcomic series about celebrities in the afterlife. It’s weird. It’s funny. If Dennis Potter had written for Terry Gilliam, it would look something like this. It's a story about fame, and death, and the meaning of existence. Part dream, part nightmare.  With jokes. 

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Issue 1, 'The Big Giraffe' 
Issue 2, 'A Toy Balloon'
Issue 3, 'Stalin Finds God' 

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Starring Groucho Marx, Elvis Presley, Petros Petridis, Alexander Luria and a man called Hector.

Starring Ella Fitzgerald,  Jo van Fleet, Professor Roosseeno, and a man called Hector.

Starring Joseph Stalin,  Herman J. Mankiewicz and a man called Hector.