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Getting Away With It (2021)

Jenna McIntyre is a criminology student, cigar enthusiast and secret bestselling author. She is also Frank's new best friend. Frank becomes a reluctant conspirator, as he indulges Jenna's claims about her involvement in the greatest extortion plot Britain has ever seen. Are these crimes really taking place? What is Frank's mysterious new friend not telling him?Getting Away With It is both a gripping crime thriller, and a very funny story about a complicated friendship. 

This is Part 2 in the Ragbag series. The books can be read in any order.
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Everything I Am (2020)

‘On 12th October 2004, my dad – at the age of fifty five – popped out to buy a bottle of milk and never came back.’ 

This book tells the story of the search for Frank Burton Senior. Where did he go? And why? In his attempt to answer these questions, Frank Burton Junior uncovers a series of bizarre family secrets, which shatter his own ideas about who he is, and where he came from. Everything I Am is both a thrilling detective story, and a laugh out loud comic masterpiece.

Everything I Am is the first in the Ragbag novels series. 

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One Hundred (2019)

Welcome to the Dirty City, a world of endless enigmas where fiction and reality are frequently intertwined; a city of surreal storytellers, ingenious acts of corruption, mass hypnosis, synchronised sleepwalking, scenes of impossible trickery, tales of passion, confusion and friendship. With a large cast of unique and outlandish characters, One Hundred is a novel like no other.

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A History of Sarcasm (2009)

“Sometimes stories that I’ve used to mythologize my childhood resurface in my mind as actual memories … Perhaps if you tell a story enough times, it will become the truth.”

This admission by Mark Greensleeves, the compulsive liar in the story, Some Facts About Me, sums up Frank Burton’s sharp, surreal and subversive short story collection, A History of Sarcasm. The seventeen stories in this collection blur the boundaries between fact and fantasy through a series of obsessive characters and their skewed versions of reality. Among them are a man who insists on living every aspect of his life in alphabetical order, a girl who believes she is receiving secret messages through the TV, a paranoiac who is pursued by an army of giant lobsters, and an academic who turns into a cat.

Funny, dark and relentlessly off the wall, this collection brings together the best of Frank Burton’s published work with some brand new stories.

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