Endless, Impossible

Frank And Claude Are Following You

Two men. One van. Infinite possibilities.


Frank And Claude Are Following You is an audio sitcom about our eponymous heroes’ attempts to interpret the world around them. A Seinfeldian Steptoe And Son. A fathoming of the inconsequential. The Investigations Team Is A-Go-Go. You can't veto a gorgonzola.

This is a work of fiction. Honest.

Written and performed by Frank Burton.

Ragbag Presents

Ragbag began its life as a music, comedy and storytelling podcast, and quickly developed into a whole fictional world. For some further explanation, here’s Ragbag Explained.

The podcast is now known as Ragbag Presents, and it’s a great thing.

I Like The Sound

I Like The Sound is a podcast about the sound of things. It’s a work of creative non-fiction, incorporating interviews, stories, poems, jokes, songs, audio experiments and all kinds of wonderful sounds.

Not On Top

I’ve been a fan of the band Herman Dune since I heard their first recordings on the John Peel Show in 2000, and their songs have formed a large part of the soundtrack to my life since then. I had the pleasure of interviewing Herman Dune’s David Ivar twice for the Ragbag podcast.  In 2022, David asked if I’d like to collaborate with him on a podcast series telling the story of Herman Dune. The result is Not On Top: The Herman Dune Podcast.

I’m extremely proud of this project. It was a privilege to spend hours in the company of one of my all-time heroes, and the end result is something very special indeed.