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Ragbag Episode 6: Hi, Kevin

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Frank attempts to sabotage his own competition feature.  He changes someone’s life for the better, and ruins someone else’s.  This edition’s short story introduces Frank’s old cellmate, Noddy.  

Tracklist & links: 

El Hipnotizador Romantico - Como verdurita fresco: https://elhipnotizadorromantico.bandcamp.com/

Anna Morley - Electric Fan ft. Thomas Prime: http://annamorley.com/

Dragon Or Emperor – Part of Me Says: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Dragon_Or_Emperor/

Ryanosaurus – Shtab: http://ryanosaurus.com/

Henry and Louis – Rise Up (Remix): https://archive.org/details/HenryLouis-RiseUpFeaturingSteveHarperrsdRemix

Kathy Lowe – When I Am No More: http://www.kathylowemusic.com/

Lee Maddeford – Genevive: http://www.leemaddeford.ch/listen.html

Oonga - El Caracol feat. Ana Arias: https://shikashika.bandcamp.com/

Robin Grey – The Hackney Gentrification Song: http://music.robingrey.com/

Gabe Boyer – French Song: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Gabe_Boyer/

Theme tune: ProleteR - April Showers: https://proleter.bandcamp.com/