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Ragbag Episode 5: It Tasted The Way It Smelt

Ragbag Episode 6 (It Tasted The Way It Smelt) is now live on Soundcloud & iTunes.



In this edition (proudly sponsored by Alan Kabani's Luxury Snake Oil), the shout outs are as diverse as the playlist, with everything from outright insults to a marriage proposal. Frank talks about eating raw chicken, and shares some questionable tips about how to change your life. The greatest show on earth continues.

Tracklist and links:
Chris Christodoulou - The Sea Will Claim Everything, part I: http://www.chrischristodoulou.com/ 
Amber Lily - Rainbow Warriors: https://amberlily.bandcamp.com/ 
Slow – Bliss: https://fuselab.bandcamp.com/ 
Mindgrinders – Technologik: https://battleaudiorecords.bandcamp.com 
Chico Correa and Electronic Band – Eu Pisei Na Pedra: https://chicocorrea.bandcamp.com/ 
Sector4 – Bacid 136: https://archive.org/details/EAR089_Sector4_Sector4 
Sauly B – Reggay: https://saulyb.bandcamp.com/ 
Zeu – Rain: https://zeu-zeu.bandcamp.com/ 
Neo Geo - Beings ft. Hannah Ku: https://neogeo.bandcamp.com/ 
Chris Christodoulou - Plingpling Fairydust: http://www.chrischristodoulou.com/ 
Theme tune: ProleteR - April Showers: https://proleter.bandcamp.com/